Legal research chemicals

It’s a hot topic in 2020. Because the government in the Netherlands is considering to ban all research chemicals. That brings large RC producers to find ways to create new research chemicals that can not banned. One of these organizations is Lizard Labs in partnership with Skrill Science are constantly at the forefront of creation.

About Lizard Labs

They are for a very long time the biggest producer and vendor of research chems the official website is – providing all the famous RC’s such as 1P-LSD, AL-LAD, ETH-LAD, the potent clonazolam and the interesting etizolam which mimics the effects of prescription medication without such strong side effects. Lizard Labs are still one of the only labs in the whole world making legal compounds  that mimic substances such as LSD. More recently they brought the new 1cP-LSD blotters to the world. Many of the smaller chains of vendors get their bulk supplies from lizardlabs. The prices are astounding when buying in bulk. They sell a variety of powders as well as pellets and blotters. All of which are legal!


Legal Research Chemicals from Lizard Labs

The future of the research chemical industry

Responsible companies such as Lizard Labs are helping for medicinal causes with their research. There is no doubt many compounds are showing promising signs for conditions such as depression, anxiety, pain, increased creativity and more. However there is the other problem that nobody can deny. Too many people are abusing research chemicals looking for the next high and out of body experience.

The benefits of research chemicals

There is so much clinical trials happening now for 1plsd and other chemicals which are not yet approved by the FDA. Click here to read more detailed information from WHO international. The one thing that is certain is that researchers need more information about dosage amounts and the effects.

With all research chemicals it is very important to act responsibly. The medical association work closely with lizard labs to ensure that all chemical compounds are of the highest standard and only sold to buyers over the age of 18.

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