Ottieni il tuo permesso di soggiorno permanente a Panama come italiano

Puoi ottenere il tuo permesso di soggiorno a Panama il minor tempo possibile attraverso il Trattato di Amicizia, Commercio e Navigazione tra la Repubblica di Panama e la Repubblica Italiana


Devi solo essere italiano e avere un’offerta di lavoro a Panama o intenzioni di fare affari

Potresti vivere qui ora:

Perché vivere a Panama?

Ho creato un  WEBINAR rapido e gratuito  in cui ti mostrerò come possiamo aiutarti a ottenere il tuo permesso di soggiorno permanente come ITALIANO a Panama

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  • Capirai cosa NON DEVI FARE quando richiedi questo permesso.
  • Ti dirò quali sono i requisiti principali, per ottenere questo permesso di soggiorno.
  • Vi dirò quali sono le eccezioni della regola e quali altri membri della famiglia possono beneficiare di questo permesso.
  • Ti darò la possibilità di programmare una videochiamata a costo zero per effettuare una consulenza personalizzata.

Trasferirsi in un altro paese è un processo pieno di avventure e nuove esperienze, tuttavia molte volte uno straniero mal consigliato può passare attraverso esperienze e difficoltà spiacevoli.

Ecco perché la cosa più importante è raggiungere quel paese mano nella mano con un buon supporto legale.

Nella nostra azienda abbiamo visto casi di stranieri che sono venuti con l’intenzione di risiedere a Panama, ma a causa di disinformazione o cattivi consigli hanno perso l’opportunità di ottenere la residenza, presentando documenti inadeguati nel loro processo.

Questo ci ha motivato a fornire un servizio eccezionale, in modo che nessuno dei nostri clienti possa affrontare nessuno di questi problemi, aiutandoli anche prima di toccare il suolo panamense.

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AbogadosPanama.net is a law firm led by lawyer Julissa Ortega Hernández who is a specialist in immigration procedures in the Republic of Panama.

She has helped hundreds of foreigners achieving more than 99% effectiveness in obtaining their residence permits in Panama.


Denia MéndezDenia Méndez
02:38 20 Sep 23
Hello! I am grateful to the lawyer Julissa Ortega for her services, good service, honest, responsible, thank God and the lawyer that everything went well in my migratory rounds.
Alberto AvilesAlberto Aviles
01:20 05 Sep 23
Lic. Julissa Ortega is an excellent person. Dedicated, friendly, responsible, professional and above all with great patience. That had me. Asia.mi. Person one. Experience. Only
kevin ortegakevin ortega
16:50 04 Sep 23
Israel Ramírez FloresIsrael Ramírez Flores
03:29 16 Aug 23
Attorney Julissa Ortega I can attest that she is one of the best lawyers, she accompanied me throughout this process and it was all a success thanks to God and herI can say that every dollar I invested to legalize myself was worth it.And everything was very fast, always with a good disposition I fully recommend it
Emmanuel AnicoEmmanuel Anico
21:02 01 Aug 23
Simple, complete and professional service, recommended. 👍🏼
Cristina ArizaCristina Ariza
19:06 27 Jul 23
He is a very professional, attentive and responsible person. He helped us with the entire residency application process. It offers clear information and constantly monitors it. I would definitely recommend it.
Daniel LoboDaniel Lobo
21:48 19 Jul 23
Excellent Lawyer!!!I recommend it 100% I manage myself, in 2 Approved Cases.Blessings to her and her Family.Atte: Daniel Wolf.
Fredys AndradesFredys Andrades
13:38 04 Jul 23
She is an excellent lawyer, I was pleased to meet her, her treatment, her assistance, her availability, everything excellent, I recommend her to anyone, very responsible and that is worth a lot, congratulations and keep it up… thank you very much
Diana Lorena CardonaDiana Lorena Cardona
19:37 29 Jun 23
Very professional, excellent service, commitment, seriousness and most importantly efficiency. Highly recommended!
D WilliamsD Williams
00:34 24 May 23
We went to Julissa to apply for our Residency Visa and we are very happy that we did. She explained the process and timeline to us and ensured that we had all of our documents prepared and ready for submittal to avoid any delays. She also kept us informed throughout the process so that we never had to wonder about the status of our application or if it was being processed. When our temporary visa was approved, Julissa provided an agent at the Immigration office who handled everything for us including signing us in and waiting in line so we didn´t have to. He escorted us to the various stations required (photos, copies, etc.) The process at the Immigration office was also surprisingly quick. We were only there for about and hour. Being foreigners and not knowing the system, this would have been a major challenge for us if we had to go it alone. I definitely don´t think we would have gotten out of there as quickly without the assistance of the agent.I highly recommend Julissa if you need to apply for your residency Visa.
Very competent lawyer. I had an easy, smooth and quick process with her help.
Syed Haider ShahSyed Haider Shah
08:16 17 Apr 23
I I’m engineer in telecom so I have experience in telecom field and I have diploma of HSE officer I have diploma in construction and I have 8 years experience in which field so I vant visa for panama as soon as possible
Miguel QuijanoMiguel Quijano
20:30 07 Dec 22
I recommend Dr. Julissa Ortega, and I appreciate her help with the procedures before the immigration office of Panama.Since, he helped me to manage the pertinent procedures to obtain the residence permit for retired people and/or pensioners before the migration office. Which ended with success and very good and diligent treatment by her office.
Dr. Julissa is a great professional, you have provided us with an excellent permanent residence service in all aspects to our family group. We are very grateful.
Elsa WeeksElsa Weeks
20:25 26 Jul 22
We wouldn’t have been able to navigate through all the requirements on our own without Julissa’s help, particularly trying to do some of it from a long distance – Thank you!
Ana Strah Número UnoAna Strah Número Uno
14:11 06 Jun 22
the license Julissa has a lot of experience in the immigration field, she processed my husband’s permanent residence and helped us with the marriage interviews, she made the paperwork a lot easier at a very affordable price. Really a wonderful person, highly professional. Highly recommended, I would give her 10 stars if could.
After dealing with different lawyers in Panama, I had the opportunity and the privilege of having an appointment with Licda. Julissa Ortega, who from the first contact provided a service that exceeded my highest expectations. She is extremely diligent, professional, respectful and integrates in her analysis. Absolutely recommended, as a specialist in immigration law
James DeterJames Deter
20:40 31 Mar 22
Want to thank lawyer Julisa for taking care of my case ,very professional and honest, only wish I would have found her company before the other 3 that never finished what they started,will see you again in 2 years Thanks again Jim D
Very good lawyer with good command and guidance on her clients in each case, she always speaks clearly and recommends what you should do according to the procedure, she is very responsible for what I consider to be very professional
Ayg aireAyg aire
11:59 18 Mar 22
Dr. Julissa Ortega helped me with the migration procedures in a very agile and fast way, obtaining results in a very short time until I had the Residence Card, a really very professional job.
Olivier AOlivier A
15:07 07 Nov 21
Great experience overall having Julissa Ortega as my attorney. Julissa understands her client, very insightful and is an expert in her field. Truly a professional and marvelous individual.
fabian cardenasfabian cardenas
10:18 09 Oct 21
SHE’S a great professional,excellent person with a lot efficiency,I recommend her 100%

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