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Retiree or Pensioner Visa in Panama

Get a Panama Retirees and Pensioner Visa

Benefits and Requirements of the Panama Retirees and Pensioner Visa also called «Jubilado Pensionado Program in Panama»

The fundamental requirement to opt for the Retiree or Pensioner Visa in Panama is that you must receive some type of retirement or pension from an international agency, foreign government or private company, of at least 1000 US dollars and this retirement or pension must be for life.

In the event that the pension does not reach 1000, but is higher than 750 dollars, then it is possible to cover the difference with an investment in real estate, through the acquisition of a Panamanian property, valued at a minimum of 100 thousand dollars.

This retiree or pensioner visa will guarantee the applicant permanent residence in Panama and a large number of benefits that we will name below within this article.


I will tell you step by step how to obtain the RETIRED OR PENSIONER VISA in Panama

What is the Pensionado / Jubilado Program or Panama Retirees and Pensioner Visa?

This is an immigration program regulated by Executive Decree No. 320 of August 8, 2008 that allows people who receive a pension or retirement to apply for permanent residence in Panama.

The Retiree or Pensioner Visa guarantees a number of additional advantages, especially discounts on products and services.

The National Migration Service of Panama explains that there is no minimum or maximum age to apply for this permanent residence permit.

Anyone, regardless of nationality, can apply for it. It will only be necessary to meet the visa requirements that we explain below.

Benefits of the Panama Retirees and Pensioner Visa

The resident of Panama who holds a retiree or pensioner visa enjoys several benefits such as special discounts in shops and events as well as exception of important taxes.

Benefits of the Retiree or Pensioner Visa in Panama

Discounts for Retirees and Pensioners in Panama

  • 1% discount on mortgages for housing (personal residence)
  • 10% discount on prescription drugs.
  • 15% discount on hospital bills.
  • 15% discount in fast food restaurants.
  • 15% discounts on dental and eye exams.
  • 15% discount on loans made in your name.
  • 20% discount on medical consultations.
  • 20% discount on professional and technical services.
  • 25% discount in restaurants.
  • 25% discount on air ticket prices.
  • 25% discount on utility bills.
  • 30% discount on Bus, Boat and Train fares.
  • 30% discount on hotel stays (Friday to Sunday)
  • 50% discount on hotel stays (Monday to Thursday)
  • 50% discount on home loan closings.
  • 50% discount on entertainment venues such as: Cinemas, Concert Halls, Sporting Events, among others (anywhere in the country)

Tax exception for foreigners with a retiree or pensioner visa in Panama

  • 100% exemption in the payment of import taxes of vehicles every two (2) years.
  • Privilege for once of the imposition of the payment of tax for the purchase of household items until reaching the figure of $ 10,000 US Dollars.
  • 100% tax exemption on your pension or retirement
  • Option to apply for the Certificate of Tax Resident of the Republic of Panama
  • Avoid double taxation (with countries where the convention exists)
  • You can apply for the permanent residence permit in Panama in a few phases, (this permit will grant you the «CEDULA E»)
  • You will also be able to opt for the Panamanian passport through naturalization (once you obtain the E card and meet the requirements)
  • Podrá solicitar el permiso de residencia permanente en Panamá en pocas fases, (este permiso le otorgará la “CEDULA E”)
  • También Podrás optar al pasaporte panameño mediante la naturalización (una vez obtenga la cédula E y cumpla con los requisitos)

What are the requirements to obtain the Retiree or Pensioner Visa in Panama?

Below you will find in detail the requirements:


  • Foreign applicants who receive retirement or pension from a foreign government, international organization or private company, who enter the national territory to settle in it and have sufficient economic means to cover all their living expenses and those of their dependents in the country.
  • The monthly income or pension may not be less than one thousand balboas (B/.1,000.00) and must be granted for life.
  • Power of Attorney and Application through a lawyer (This power of attorney will be done by the attorney at the firm)
  • Three (3) passport-type photographs with a white background.
  • Copy of passport
  • Criminal Record Certificate
  • Health Certificate


The certification proving the status of retired or pensioned may be seven hundred and fifty balboas (B /. 750.00) in cases where:

1. The applicant has acquired a property in a personal capacity in the national territory for a sum exceeding one hundred thousand balboas (B/.100,000.00).

Note: In the cases of the spouses, it may be chosen to credit the sums of both to comply with the minimum of the established pension that is one thousand balboas (B / .1,000.00).

In the case of dependent children, their leave will be temporary until they reach twenty-five (25) years of age as long as they prove that they are doing complete studies, however they will not be entitled to permanence or pensioner status. Except for those dependent children who suffer from a proven profound disability.Note: In the event that dependents are children, their residence permit will be temporary until they reach the age of 25, provided that it is proven that they are studying full-time. However, they will not have the right to the continuity of the Pension Visa, except for those cases of dependent children suffering from some type of demonstrated physical or mental disability.

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The offices of the National Migration Service will not allow the visit of people wearing shorts, t-shirts or sandals.

Men: Long pants, shirt with collar and sleeves, closed shoes, (DO NOT WEAR shorts, trimmed shirts or shirts, or any footwear that shows the toes).

Women: Dress or long pants, closed shoe, shirt with collar or blouse covering the shoulders and formal footwear (shoes). Miniskirts, shorts, trimmed shirts or blouses that show shoulders or t-shirts, or sandals or footwear that show the toes are not allowed.

AbogadosPanama.Net under the direction of Panamanian Lawyer Lic. Julissa Ortega Hernandez has helped foreigners obtain their permanent residence permit in Panama under the Retiree or Pensioner Visa.

What are the phases that must be traveled to obtain permanent residence with the residence permit Visa of Retiree or Pensioner in Panama?

PHASE 1: Sending and reviewing grouped requirements by email.
Day 1: Interview with lawyer

the meeting is held with the lawyer for the review of the requirements and the payment of the fees to initiate the immigration process.

DAY 2: (Requires the presence of the foreigner)

The foreign applicant and the legal representative or his assistant appear before the offices of the National Migration Service of Panama to submit the application for the processing of the Retiree or Pensioned Visa in Panama.

That same day they will give the first provisional residence card to the foreign applicant, with a validity of 6 months, they will also grant him a multiple entry and exit visa stamped on the passport that will allow him to enter and leave Panama without problems and without paying any exit tax.


Regularly the immigration agents will indicate that you must wait 3 to 5 months while the officers in charge of reviewing documents in migration issue the resolution of approval of the resident permit through the Retiree or Pensioner Visa in Panama.

At the time the immigration resolution is listed, the lawyer is notified by the national migration service of Panama that the resolution has been issued and from that moment they can and should attend the immigration offices in Panama to obtain a new permanent residence processing card through the Retiree or Pensioner Visa in Panama.

Phases that must be traveled to obtain permanent residence with the residence permit Visa of Retiree or Pensioner in Panama

Tips for starting legal procedures in Panama

  • Meet as much as possible in person at the law firm’s commercial premises.
  • Apply for a professional services contract with your attorney.
  • If you decide to work with an independent attorney, check your attorney’s credentials against the Supreme Court database.

Why do more and more foreigners trust the signature of Mrs. Julissa Ortega to carry out their immigration procedures in Panama?

  • The attention is given by an expert in the subject with an extensive experience in migration matters in Panama.
  • Provides continuous accompaniment for the applicant by the lawyer during the process of filing the procedure with the immigration authority.
  • It carries out the continuous follow-up by lawyers experts in the governmental process of the processing of each applicant.
  • It has a bank account opening service in Panama.
  • Civil, commercial and real estate legal advice with our team of lawyers
  • The cost of the consultation is reimbursable in the total cost of the procedure.

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Article written by Juan Rivers, CMO at and specialist in immigration issues within the law firm.

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